Pronti... Via! Workbook

Quaderno degli esercizi

Daniela Melis and Barbara Cooper

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September 15, 2006
144 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 9780300108439

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Pronti…Via! is a complete beginning Italian language course that focuses on communication skills without excluding grammar.  This timely program is based in solid language acquisition theory and reflects an eclectic approach that includes using language for true communication, developing linguistic ability in a natural way, and promoting the growth of self-discipline towards the learning of grammar.
Five years in the making and class-tested at the University of Georgia by the author and her colleagues, this first edition of Pronti…Via! received extensive peer review, detailed editorial development, and a user-friendly design that combine to make Pronti…Via! a program that merits serious consideration.
- Chapters are arranged around a thematic focus that starts from the personal to arrive at the general.
- Classroom activities conform to the theme of each chapter and stimulate vocabulary practice in meaningful contexts.
- Interactive instruction responds to learners' different styles and goals.
- Truly communicative activities encourage students to manipulate meaning from the very first days.
- Class time is filled with aural and written comprehensible input, allowing teachers and learners to enjoy the natural and gradual emergence of accurate speech.
- Overarching language teaching practice encompasses the five goals identified by ACTFL--the celebrated five C's of foreign language study: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.
PRONTI…VIA! includes:
* Annotated Instructor's Edition (ISBN 0300111320)
* Student Textbook (ISBN 0300108427)
* Student Workbook with Audio (ISBN 0300108435)
* Test Bank (Available online)
* Laboratory Manual and Audio Program (Available online)
* Companion Web Site (

DANIELA MELIS teaches at Marist College.
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Daniela Melis

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