Russian Full Circle

A First-Year Russian Textbook

Donna Oliver with Edie Furniss

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September 24, 2013
384 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
105 color + 46 b/w illus.
ISBN: 9780300182835

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Russian Full Circle offers a concise but thorough introduction to Russian grammar, foundational vocabulary, and communicative strategies in ten lessons with loose thematic orientations. A rich ancillary Web site provides cultural content and supplemental audiovisual materials. As a single-volume elementary textbook, Russian Full Circle equips students in one year with the essential skills they need to navigate the world of the Russian language and to build upon their language base thanks to the firm grounding in grammar and vocabulary that it supplies.

Donna Oliver is professor of Russian at Beloit College in Beloit, WI. Edie Furniss is a doctoral student in the PhD program in Applied Linguistics at Pennsylvania State University.

"Indeed, one of the values of this textbook is that it is geared to programs that can offer only 3-4 days per week of classroom instruction."—Cynthia Ruder, University of Kentucky

"I would say that this textbook offers instructors more autonomy and flexibility in structuring class work."—Victorina Lefebvre, UC Irvine

"I think there is a real need for a book like this that takes a 'bare-bones' approach."—Thomas Newlin, Oberlin College
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