Rejane de Oliveira Slade

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January 1, 2006

ISBN: 9780963879059
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Português Básico para Estrangeiros, Second Edition is a complete text, workbook and audio program. All components should be used together. Click below for information about the different components.

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Resources for Instructors

Instructor's Manual in PDF (157 pages)
Table of Contents in PDF (8 pages)

Preface in PDF (14 pages)
Textbook Lesson 1 in PDF (5 pages)
Workbook Lesson 1 in PDF (10 pages)

The objective of Português Básico para Estrangeiros is to teach the Portuguese language in a fast, interesting, and efficient way. The lessons gradually introduce more complex structures, while increasing the student's vocabulary and understanding of grammar. The method employed engages the interest of the student by exploring personal, social, professional, and cultural topics. An appendix presents the most important aspects of grammar and pronunciation, as well as the most common idiomatic expressions compared with their equivalents in English, French, and Spanish. Also included is a list of technical vocabulary with equivalent terms in English. Português Básico para Estrangeiros provides students with the basic concepts needed to communicate effectively in Portuguese.

A booklet included with the audio program contains information about each track, duration, and the respective page numbers of the accompanying textbook. The set includes pronunciation drills, dialogues, texts, technical and special vocabulary, Brazilian songs, and interactive exercises. The audio program is designed for use in conjunction with the textbook.


Bom Dia, Brasil
3rd Edition of Português Básico para Estrangeiros

Rejane de Oliveira Slade; Revised by Marta Almeida and Eliz

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