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Carrie Rebora, Paul Staiti, Erica E. Hirschler, Theodore E...

Marshall B. Davidson and Elizabeth Stillinger

Vol. 2, A Catalogue of Works by Artists Born between 1816 and 1845

Natalie Spassky; With contributions by Linda Bantel,...

The Dutch-Style Cupboards of New York and New Jersey, 1650–1800

Peter M. Kenny, Frances G. Safford, and Gilbert T. Vincent...

The World of the Hudson River School

Kevin J. Avery, Oswaldo R. Roque, John K. Howat, Doreen B...

Americans and the Aesthetic Movement

Doreen B. Burke

The Easy Chair in America

Morrison H. Heckscher

A Photographic Memoir

Lee Friedlander

Works 1970–2011

Klaus Ottmann, Terrie Sultan, and Jennifer Bartlett

The Clark Collection

Marc Simpson; With contributions by Dan Cohen, James A....

Beth Carver Wees with Medill Higgins Harvey

50th Anniversary Edition

Josef Albers; Foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber

The Life and Work of a French Ébéniste in Federal New York

Peter M. Kenny, Frances F. Bretter, and Ulrich Leben

The Landscapes of Sanford R. Gifford

Kevin J. Avery, Franklin Kelly, and Claire A. Conway; With...

Edited by Julie Jones; Juan V.Guerrero M., Mark M. Graham...