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Fabian Drixler, William D. Fleming, and Robert George...

The Mentality of Mass Murder

Abram de Swaan

Case Studies of the New Economy

Edited by Juliet B. Schor and Craig J. Thompson

Why Prejudice Persists

Stephen Eric Bronner

1,500 Years of Andean Chuspas

Nicola Sharratt

Big Bangs, Behaviors, and Beliefs

Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall; Illustrated by Patricia J...

Classic Maya and the Matter of Permanence

Stephen Houston

How Science, Art, and Imagination Help Us Understand Our Origins

John Gurche

Rethinking Claude Levi-Strauss (1908–2009)

Robert Doran

People and Life on the Chars of South Asia

Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt and Gopa Samanta

An American Expedition to Northern Burma, 1935

Erin L. Hasinoff

How Margaret Mead Won the Second World War and Lost the Cold War

Peter Mandler

Vol. # 92

Arie Boomert, Birgit Faber-Morse, and Irving Rouse, With...

The End of Days

Maria Hsia Chang

African Cattle Herders of the Atlantic World, 1500-1900

Andrew Sluyter

Maya Vase Painting of the Ik' Kingdom

Bryan R. Just; With contributions by Christina T. Halperin...

The Eugene V. Thaw and Other New York Collections

Emma C. Bunker; With contributions by James C. Y. Watt and...

A Journey through the Ice Age Caves of the Dordogne

Christine Desdemaines-Hugon; Foreword by Ian Tattersall...

A Local and Global History

Deborah Valenze

The Social Museum of Harvard University, 1903-1931

Edited by Deborah Martin Kao and Michelle Lamunière; With...