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A Biography

Bob Gilmore

William G. Hyland

The Ascent of the Superman

Sally Peters

A Historical Portrait

Ronald Taylor

Deviance, Morality, and Late-Victorian Society

Michael S. Foldy

An Illustrated Life

Jürgen Schebera; Translated by Caroline P. Murphy

Paul Henry Lang; Edited by Alfred Mann and George J....

Second Edition

George C. Izenour

How the Antigone Legend Has Endured in Western Literature, Art, and Thought

George Steiner

A Long and Lovely Suicide

Melissa Knox

A History of the Wagner Festival

Frederic Spotts

The Catholic Church and the Motion Picture Industry

Frank Walsh

Paul Hindemith; Edited by Geoffrey Skelton; Translated by...

Music, Raphael, and Saint Cecilia

Thomas Connolly

Everyone Else Is an Audience

Ronald Hayman

Joachim Burmeister