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Christoph Türcke; Translated by Susan H. Gillespie

A Memoir of Motherhood, Disability, and Discovery

Rachel Adams

From Metaphor to Metamorphosis

Marjorie Garber; With a New Prologue by the Author

The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation

Richard Sennett

Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict

Donna Hicks, Ph.D.; Foreword by Archbishop Emeritus...

A History

Simon May

Personal Responsibility in a World of Limits

Kent Greenfield

The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

Iain McGilchrist

A Moral History of the Twentieth Century, Second Edition

Jonathan Glover

In which an Aging Professor laments his shrinking Brain...

William Ian Miller

John von Neumann; With a foreword by Ray Kurzweil

McGovern, Eagleton, and a Campaign in Crisis

Joshua M. Glasser

Championing Ideas and Influencing Others

John A. Daly

A Neuronal Approach

Jean-Pierre Changeux; Translated and Revised by Laurence...

Shelly Kagan

A Lively History

Peter Toohey

The Crisis in the Profession and the Way Back

Jerome Kagan

An Exploration of Everyday Transcendence

Raymond Tallis