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A Supernatural History of the Third Reich

Eric Kurlander

Conflict in Weimar and the Creation of Post-Nazi Germany

Noah Benezra Strote

Hitler's Architect

Martin Kitchen

Despina Stratigakos

The Albatross Press and the Third Reich

Michele K. Troy

Correspondence, 1937-1946

Werner and Elisabeth Heisenberg; Edited by Anna Maria...

The Cultural History of a Catastrophe

Willi Jasper

The Prince and the Myth

John Freed

Coercion and Consensus in Nazi Germany

Nathan Stoltzfus

Abused City

Thomas Friedrich

The German Army in the Third Reich

Ben H. Shepherd

Domestic Life, Devastation and Survival, 1900-1950

Paul Ginsborg

The Tragic Life of Klaus Mann

Frederic Spotts

The Poet of Shame and Guilt

Saul Friedländer

Hitler's Architect

Martin Kitchen

A History of the West 1914–1945

Heinrich August Winkler

Despina Stratigakos

The Interior Life of Friedrich Nietzsche

Joachim Köhler; Translated by Ronald Taylor

Legal Terror in Nazi Germany

Nikolaus Wachsmann

The End of the Holocaust and Its Aftermath

Dan Stone