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Theological Roots of the Criminal Trial

James Q. Whitman

Tapestries at the Tudor Court

Thomas P. Campbell

Medieval Islamic Ceramics from the Harvey B. Plotnick Collection

Oya Pancaroglu; With transcriptions and translations by...

Architecture and Identity, 1150-1250

Peter Draper

A History

Joseph Pérez; Translated by Janet Lloyd

A Resource for Educators

Michael Norris

Roman Britain to Renaissance England

Nicholas Orme

Vessels for Church and Table

Peter Barnet and Pete Dandridge

The Fight Against Pain

Thomas Dormandy

Anthologie du Moyen Âge à nos jours; Seconde partie: XIXe-XXIe siècles

Vicki Mistacco

E.H. Gombrich; Translated by Caroline Mustill; Illustrated...

Fifteenth-Century Woodcuts and Their Public

Peter Parshall and Rainer Schoch; With David S. Areford,...

A History; Second Edition

Jonathan Riley-Smith

Jonathan Schneer

Traditional Religion in England, 1400–1580, Second Edition

Eamon Duffy

Matthias Becher; translated by Karl der Grosse