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Arts of the Early Medieval Period in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Edited by Katherine R. Brown, Dafydd Kidd, and Charles T....

Faith and Power (1261–1557)

Edited by Helen C. Evans

Edited by Glenn Peers; With essays by Charles Barber,...

Medieval Art and Architecture, Revised and Updated Edition

Peter Barnet and Nancy Wu

Medieval Art from the Raymond Pitcairn Collection

Jane Hayward and Walter Cahn

Studies in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary

Edited by Elizabeth C. Parker, with the assistance of Mary...

Forens Deuchler, Jeffrey M. Hoffeld, and Helmut Nickel

Its Art and Meaning

Elizabeth C. Parker and Charles T. Little

Katharine Reynolds Brown

A Renaissance Masterpiece in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pierre Terjanian

Ambitious Images and Religious Knowledge in Late Medieval France and England

Aden Kumler


John Goodall

English People and Their Prayers, 1240-1570

Eamon Duffy

From Diocletian to Suleyman the Magnificent, c. 300-1550

Slobodan Curcic

Perception and Representation of Architecture in Byzantine Art

Slobodan Curcic and Evangelia Hadjitryphonos; With...