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A Bluejacket's Odyssey in World War II

Alvin Kernan

The Destruction of the American Torpedo Squadrons

Alvin Kernan

Aviation and the Western Imagination, 1920-1950

Robert Wohl

Malady or Myth?

Chris R. Brewin

The Enigma of Barbarossa

David E. Murphy

One Hundred Days in World War II

Krisztián Ungváry; Translated from the Hungarian by...

A History of Battle in Classical Antiquity

J. E. Lendon

Arms, Art, and Invention

Herbert G. Houze; Edited by Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser;...

The Great War between Memory and History in the 20th Century

Jay Winter

An Ethnic History of the English Civil War

Mark Stoyle

How Two Americans Spied for Stalin and Founded the Soviet Silicon Valley

Steven T. Usdin

Edited and annotated by Joshua Rubenstein and Alexander...

The Necessary Quarrel

James McDermott

William E. Odom and Robert Dujarric

Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, and Guy Burgess

S. J. Hamrick

Witnessing, Testimony and Remembrance

Sue Malvern