Herring, Sarah

  • The National Gallery

    Christopher Riopelle; With Charlotte Appleyard, Sarah Herring, Nancy Ireson, and Anne Robbins

    09/27/2007, Paper
    $14.95 |
    ISBN: 9781857093339
  • Degas from the Burrell Collection

    Vivien Hamilton; With Julien Domercq and Harriet K. Stratis, and contributions by Sarah Herring and Christopher Riopelle

    11/14/2017, HC - Paper over Board
    $20.00 |
    ISBN: 9781857096255
  • From Manet to Cézanne

    Anne Robbins; With an essay by Caroline Campbell, and contributions by Christopher Riopelle, Sarah Herring, Rosalind McKever, and Julien Domercq

    12/04/2018, HC - Paper over Board
    $20.00 |
    ISBN: 9781857096385
  • Spanish Master of Light

    Gabriele Finaldi with Javier Barón Thaidigsmann, Véronique Gerard Powell, Christopher Riopelle, and Oliver Tostmann; With contributions by Aoife Brady, Julien Domercq, Akemi Herráez Vossbrink, Sarah Herring, Rosalind McKever, and Brendan Rooney

    05/07/2019, HC - Paper over Board
    $40.00 |
    ISBN: 9781857096422
  • Volume 1, The Barbizon School

    Sarah Herring

    01/07/2020, Hardcover
    $125.00 |
    ISBN: 9781857099249