Storr, Robert

Robert Storr is an art critic, a painter, and dean of the Art School at Yale University.
  • Edited by Charles Wylie; With contributions by Yve-Alain Bois, Robert Storr, and Wood Roberdeau; Foreword by John R. Lane

    07/11/2004, Paper
    $19.95 |
    ISBN: 9780300106077
  • Perspectives on Avant-Garde Art in Latin America

    Edited by Héctor Olea and Mari Carmen Ramírez; With contributions by Peter C. Marzio, Gabriel Peluffo Linari, Andrea Giunta, Luis Camnitzer, Lucy R. Lippard, Sonia Salzstein, Terry Smith, and Robert Storr

    12/28/2006, Paperback with CDROM
    $40.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300116526
  • The Richard Brown Baker Collection of Postwar Art

    Jennifer Farrell; With essays by Thomas Crow, Serge Guilbaut, Jan Howard, Robert Storr, and Judith Tannenbaum; Contributions by Ágnes Berecz, Susan Greenberg Fisher, Jennifer R. Gross, and J. Fiona Ragheb

    02/21/2012, HC - Paper over Board
    $50.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300153026
  • Luc Tuymans

    Essays by Toby Kamps and Robert Storr; With contributions by Clare Elliott and Susan Sutton

    11/26/2013, Cloth
    $50.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300196443
  • Volume Four: 1994–2004

    Edited by Patrick Pardo and Robert Dean; With an essay by Robert Storr

    08/15/2017, Hardcover with Slipcase
    $200.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300225051
  • Edited by Courtney J. Martin and Stephen Hoban; With contributions by Sandra Amann, Jo Applin, Charles Gaines, Gary Garrels, Suzanne Hudson, Philipp Kaiser, Lucy R. Lippard, Courtney J. Martin, Jessica Morgan, Allegra Pesenti, Robert Storr, Kirsten Swenson, and John Szwed

    06/20/2017, Hardcover
    $65.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300226713
  • The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

    Photographs by Yiorgis Yerolymbos; Introduction by Renzo Piano; Essays by Katharine Storr and Robert Storr, and Yiorgis Yerolymbos

    03/14/2017, Hardcover
    $65.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300226812
  • Painted Truths

    Jeremy Lewison, Barry Walker, Tamar Garb, Robert Storr; With Frank Auerbach, Marlene Dumas, and Chris Ofili

    04/20/2010, Cloth
    $65.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300163322
  • Christopher Bedford; With contributions by Hilton Als, Carol S. Eliel, Richard Shiff, Katy Siegel, Robert Storr and Hamza Walker

    06/22/2010, Cloth
    $75.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300163582
  • Close Up

    Edited by Julius Bryant and Martina Droth; With an essay by Robert Storr

    12/11/2012, Cloth
    $65.00 |
    ISBN: 9780300176032