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On Painting

Leon Battista Alberti; Translated with Introduction and Notes by John R. Spencer

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September 10, 1967
141 pages, 5 x 8
ISBN: 9780300000016

Alberti’s Della Pittura was the first modern analytical study of painting, a pioneering treatise on the theory of art.  A systematic description of the one-point perspective construction, it was primarily designed to persuade both patron and painter in the Renaissance to discard the old tastes in painting for the new. John R. Spencer's translation of Della Pittura is based on all the known manuscripts and is edited with an Introduction and Notes.

"For a thoughtful approach to the aesthetic and the attitudes of the art of the Renaissance as it emerged, Alberti's On Painting is clearly the one most valuable source book. Indeed, perhaps in no other case has a major reorientation in painting found a contemporary analyst who was at once an articulate writer and himself a member of the group. Therefore the first English translation since the 18th century is a happy event."—Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

"This fine edition provides the replacement to the previous English volume over 200 years old. . . . We are privileged to have the present edition, which brings us to the source of many modern ideas about painting."—Chrysalis

"Mr. Spencer's translation, along with his notes and introduction, is indeed a very impressive achievement . . . excellent scholarship and organization."—Speculum

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