A Common Faith

John Dewey

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One of America’s greatest philosophers outlines a faith that is not confined to sect, class, or race.  Dr. Dewey calls for the emancipation of the true religious quality from the heritage of dogmatism and supernaturalism that characterizes historical religions.  He describes a positive, practical, and dynamic faith, verified and supported by the intellect and evolving with the progress of social and scientific knowledge. 
“The pure distillation of the thought of a great mind on the great subject of religion.”—John Haynes Holmes, New York Herald Tribune

"A Common Faith . . . presents the pure distillation of the thought of a great mind on the great subject of religion."—New York Herald Tribune

"He uncovers the quickening power of spiritual renewal where it has always been found, namely, in human relations, human welfare, human progress. It becomes the supreme task of faith as a method of educational awakening to make men aware of the significance and importance of these human relations."—The Churchman

"His search for the supremely worthful, stripped of all its traditional bias and wishful thinking, should be widely shared." - The Christian Century

"A profoundly significant book! Significant because it is a constructive statement by John Dewey concerning the factors that constitute the religious life; significant because it sums up and unifies the hitherto unarticulate gropings of many thoughtful people of our day." - Religious Book Club Bulletin
ISBN: 9780300000696
Publication Date: September 10, 1960
96 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 1/4
A Common Faith

John Dewey; Introduction by Thomas M. Alexander

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