The Matter of Araby in Medieval England

Dorothee Metlitzki

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"An assessment of the influence of Islam upon the intellectual and cultural life of medieval England, with particular attention paid to the literary heritage.  'A valuable contribution to our understanding of medieval vernacular literature.'"—Robert W. Ackerman

"[T]he book offers a convenient summary of information assembled with considerable learning concerning a subject not previously treated in a single volume."—D. W. Robertson, Jr., The American Historical Review

"There was a need for a study like this, Metlitzki is well qualified to provide it, and by and large she has done so.  She has shown the 'matter of Araby' reached England by the overt offices of scholars like Adelard of Bath and Michael Scot; less directly (but more pervasively) in anonymous anthologies and books of wisdom like the Disciplina clericus and the Secretum secretorum; and finally through the Arab abd Turkish materials and motifs in the popular romances. Among other individual contributions, she expands our knowledge of the literary relationships of Chaucer's 'Squire's tale' and breathes new life into the person of Sir John Mandeville."—Choice

"Carefully researched, lucid in presentation, fresh in interpretation, and sensitive to what will be of value to subsequent scholars, whether historians or men of letters. . . . A remarkable accomplishment."—Russell A. Peck, Criticism

"[The Matter of Araby in Medieval England] is a fine example of what historical and comparative methods can reveal about earlier cultures which were diverse but contingent. The book makes us aware of how much is still to be known, and how pleasurable it is to find out."—Thomas A. Van, Southern Humanities Review

ISBN: 9780300020038
Publication Date: September 10, 1977
333 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4