Natural Histories

Leslie Ullman; Foreword by Richard Hugo

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"In her honest, quiet way, Ullman puts to poetic use the self-generating power that lies within her. No restraint is so permanent it cannot be cast off, no confinement so total release cannot be won. Her freedom is the ideal freedom of the poet, the mind going on, distilling, adding, converting, supplementing and complementing, certain of the real relationship of response to event no matter how remote or peripheral the events are or how ineffectual or unrelated the responses seem."—Richard Hugo

"Expressing the peculiar violence of withheld or restrained emotion, this first book reveals extraordinary imaginative life. . . . [Ullman] has found how to describe the troubling emotions that make this book unusual. . . . Recommended."—Library Journal

"A generous and exacting first book, boasting a lucid appreciation of life's irregularities and simplicities. Whether discussing art or firsthand experience, Ullman proceeds through indirection, aiming to embrace the whole of relationships and half-spoken issues . . . She is a thoughtful and moving stylist."—G. E. Murray, Chicago Sun-Times  

Winner of the 1979 Great Lakes College Association's New Writers Award
ISBN: 9780300023299
Publication Date: September 10, 1979
68 pages, 5.125 x 8
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