The Limits of Obligation

James S. Fishkin

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"A stimulating, brilliant, unfoggy discussion. . . . With telling workaday illustrations, the author conducts a provocative dialogue with us, with Kant and a few modern philosophers, and notably with himself. He leaves us not happier but less egocentric and ethnocentric, unquestionably necessary steps in the direction of increased wisdom."—The Key Reporter

"It is a mark of the book's success in identifying an important problem and making plain its logic that one finds oneself arguing with its author both while reading it and after one has put it down."—Brian Barry

"One approach to the realm of politics is through the corridors of philosophy, where clarity and definition rather than compromise and solution are the primary objectives. In these corridors, a reader could wish for no more prudent and helpful guide than Fishkin."—Benjamin R. Barber, The New Republic

"Fishkin has done a great service to scholarship in reviewing the relevant literature on the subject and in articulating clearly the problems posed . . . for ethics and social philosophy. . . . Highest recommendation."—Choice

"Impressive. Lucidly written, closely and carefully argued. . . . Fishkin is particularly good in setting out the distinctions between general and special moral obligations and in relating a general obligation to a moral principle, distinct from a moral judgment. . . . This is a beautifully crafted study, in which the author both reveals a commanding grasp of the philosophical issues raised by his thesis and contributes significantly and originally to the general stock of moral philosophy."—T. A. Roberts, The Times Higher Education Supplement
ISBN: 9780300030785
Publication Date: September 10, 1983
184 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4
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