The Tragedy of Political Science

Politics, Scholarship, and Democracy

David M. Ricci

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September 10, 1984
338 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
ISBN: 9780300030884

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"An informative and truly provocative work. The Tragedy Of Political Science is both a scholarly study of American political science as an academic discipline and a practical moral argument on behalf of its fundamental reordering. . . . Ricci's book is an extremely interesting work.  Its clarity of style and attention to scholarly detail make it an unusually accessible work. . . . Any member of the discipline would benefit from the overview which Ricci constructs.  His summaries of the various schools and traditions within American political science are truly impressive." —James L. Wiser, Perspective

"After this work there's no need for another account of the pathos of political science in its American incarnation; it says all that's needed, says it tellingly, and thereby provides a basis for transcending it.  A splendid book."—Henry S. Kariel, University of Hawaii

"Ricci provides an idiosyncratic but not uncomfortable melange of organization history, institutional sociology, and normative judgement in order to back up a provocative set of claims. . . . Ricci's book offers abundant testimony to the professional discomfort experienced by a discipline that, perhaps by definition, must attempt to build the bridge."—David Steiner, Salmagundi

"Professor Ricci's thesis in this fascinating book is clear and unambiguous: as universities have increased in numbers and scope, so the value and coherence of political knowledge have declined."—Elizabeth Vallance, Heythrop Journal

"Ricci's historical account of American Political Science not only raises questions about the discipline that need answering, but sheds light on a broader problem in American social science and political philosophy."—David Steiner