A History of European Socialism

Albert S. Lindemann

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"This is a serious and accomplished synthesis. . . . Biographical vignettes enliven the presentation of ideas, and references to studies of regional diversities . . . give the narrative an uncommonly rich texture. . . . Lucid and illuminating. . . . It is the best book on the subject to put into the hands of our students."—Helmut Gruber, International Labor and Working Class History
"A synthetic narrative by a young academic scholar . . . who has independent ideas on an important subject. . . . This book is worth reading if for no other reason than its modest, but nonpatronizing rehabilitation from generations of Marxist caricature of a host of deeply democratic European socialists."—James H. Billington, Washington Post Book World
"One asset of this book is its lack of the overbearing personal partisanship one finds in so many historical studies of socialism. . . . [Lindeman incorporates] some recent and inaccessible studies in social history written ‘from the bottom up.’"—David D’Arcy, World View
"As a whole, Lindemann offers a more balanced treatment of the ideas and the movement of socialism than found in many extant histories. . . . A must for all college and university libraries."—Choice
"A competent and fair-minded study of a controversial subject. It presents much factual material and judicious interpretation in lucid prose."—L. S. Stavrianos, Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A competent and fair-minded study of a controversial subject.  It presents much factual material and judicious interpretation in lucid prose."—L.S. Stavrianos, The Los Angeles Book Review

"This is a useful book not only for its own content but also for the careful, illuminating, and discriminating comments that Lindeman provides in his guides to further reading at the end of each chapter."—Madeline R. Robrinton, The Key Reporter

"For pedagogical purposes there is no better book available."—H. Malcolm, Social Science Quarterly

"A well-researched, objective, and dispassioned account of a subject that will probably never cease to excite and inflame."—Marie Marmo Mullaney, The Historian

"This is a judicious, concise, and readable rendering of the history of European socialism. . . . Lindemann strives to be balanced, almost always summarizing opposing points of view on major events and issues.  He frequently introduces the findings of the most recent historical research, a feature that sharpens the interpretive focus.  He is skilled at both concise and extended comparisons, an approach he employs as an effective explanatory technique.  Finally, each chapter is accopmained by an annotated bibliography that should prove to be extremely valuable for general readers."—Vernon Lidtke, Journal of Modern History

"Lindemann had given us a lucid and illuminating international history of socialism.  It is the best book on teh subject to put in the hands of our students."—Helmut Gruber, International Labor and Working Class History

"Balanced and intelligent. . . refreshingly opinionated and often perceptive. . . compelling. . . Could significantly help overcome the continuing massive ignorance in America about the history of socialism."—James H. Billington, Washington Post

"An unusually readable and interesting book. . . . An excellent introduction to leftist thought in the nineteenth century."—World Affairs Report
ISBN: 9780300032468
Publication Date: September 10, 1984
386 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4