The Art of Captain Cook's Voyages

Volume 3, The Voyage of the Resolution and the Discovery, 1776-1780

Rüdiger Joppien and Bernard Smith

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February 24, 1988
669 pages, 8 2/3 x 11
660 b/w + 150 color illus.
ISBN: 9780300041057

Captain James Cook’s three voyages of exploration to the Pacific between 1768 and 1780 were the first of the great European voyages of discovery to carry professional artists. The Art of Captain Cook’s Voyages contains all the known drawings and paintings done for these voyages as well as a fascinating narrative and explanatory text by Bernard Smith and Rudiger Joppien. Volume III, describing Cook’s final voyages, is of particular interest for its descriptions of the Pacific Northwest of America as well as Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

"The Joppien and Smith series, already hailed by reviewers of the first two volumes, is in turn a model for how to present scholarly explorations through visual communication. . . . In the spirit of Captain Cook the authors not only have compiled a resource for scholars, they have made it ’entertaining to the generality of readers.’"—David W. Plath, New York Times Book Review

"The two compilers of this massive collection are to be commended for the exhaustive task they have accomplished."—Dennis Puleston, New Scientist

"An essential research tool and a pleasure to see, handle and use."—B. A. L. Cranstone, Times Literary Supplement

"A triumph both of scholarship and of book production."—Judy Egerton, Burlington Magazine

"A magnificent achievement."—Joel W. Hedgpeth, Quarterly Review of Biology

"Handsomely illustrated, meticulously researched, and carefully written."—P.D. Thomas, Wichita State University

"[This book] will be of inestimable value to historians, anthropologists, and geographers."—Gilbert L. Voss

"[A] beautiful, meticulous, comprehensive, and fascinating record of the art from the third Pacific voyage. It is art history of the finest type, effectively relating drawings, paintings, and engraving to the European artistic milieu which informed the artists’ style, but at the same time documenting the changes in perception and technique resulting from exposure to the exotic world of the Pacific. . . . The publication of this magnificent volume completes a major achievement in Pacific scholarship."—David Mackray, Pacific Affairs

"Meticulous, extensively illustrated scholarship."—Canadian Literature

"This is a work of formidable scholarship. Not only do we find full background information on each image, references in diaries, published accounts, present location etc. We are also directed to comparable works by contemporary artists of ethnographic scenes that shed light upon the style and interests of the works reproduced here. The text abounds with interpretative insights on composition and execution, what was included and what was omitted."—Nigel Barley, Apollo Magazine
The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
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