The Etchings of Claude Lorrain

Lino Mannocci

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September 10, 1989
256 pages, 9 1/2 x 11
470 b/w illus.
ISBN: 9780300042221

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"Lino Mannocci has written a book of great charm and erudition which will please all lovers of fine prints. For the first time, the enthusiast has to hand sufficient visual and explanatory material to reach an understanding of Claude’s output as an etcher. . . . Lino Mannocci’s outstanding achievement in his book springs from the keenness of his artist’s eye, his unbounded devotion to Claude’s etchings, and his indefatigable industry. Never was an important work of scholarship more truly a labour of love. . . . [A] handsome and thorough book. . . . Lino Mannocci’s special gifts of eye and brain, not to mention his patience, are rare outside the world of print connoisseurship and are perhaps not all that common inside it. By providing so complete a survey of Claude’s etchings, including the history of where and when they were reworked, re-numbered and re-printed in the century and a half after the artist’s death, he has put all students of Claude in his debt. Museum curators, private collectors and dealers the world over will keep this book by them and be happy to rely on it for many years to come. It only remains to say that the book has been magnificently produced . . . with almost 300 illustrations. More states of Claude’s etchings are illustrated than have ever been reproduced before and there many details."—Michael Kitson, Print Quarterly

"A catalogue raisonné of severely elegant format. . . . a splendid book that will serve print amateurs well, and which, for the silvery beauty of its plates, cannot fail to appeal all lovers of landscape."—David Blayney Brown, World of Interiors

"A detailed and scholarly catalogue raisonné which should sort out many of the confusions surrounding Claude Lorrian’s etchings."—Antique Collector

"Mannocci’s definitive 310-page The Etchings of Claude Lorrain investigates his activity as a printmaker and is rigorous in the modern manner."—John Windsor, The Independent

"[T]hanks to Mannocci, the true love of Claude can now survey his entire work as an etcher for the first time, and trace its vicissitudes, from the initial process of creation through production and reproduction through the centuries."—David Piper, Financial Times

"Claude’s entire output of prints is illustrated and described in all their various states by Lino Mannocci, which makes his book essential to collectors."—Denis Thomas, London Telegraph