Yale French Studies, Special Issue

After the Age of Suspicion: The French Novel Today

Edited by Charles A. Porter

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September 10, 1989
288 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
ISBN: 9780300043860

This special issue of Yale French Studies presents a panoramic array of virtuoso talent. Included are extracts from the writings of sixteen contemporary French novelists, from Nathalie Sarraute and Claude Simon to Jeanne Hyvrard and Jean Echenoz, from the nouveau roman to its sequels. Selections from the recent work f each author are prefaced by brief biographical and critical introductions, and the texts are presented both in French and in English translation.
Yale French Studies Series
Yale French Studies, Number 107
The Haiti Issue: 1804 and Nineteenth-Century French Studies

Deborah Jenson, Special Editor

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Yale French Studies, Number 106
The Power of Rhetoric, the Rhetoric of Power: Jean Paulhan’s Fiction, Criticism, and Editorial Activity

Michael Syrotinski, Special Editor for this issue

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Yale French Studies, Number 104
Encounters with Levinas

Special Editor: Thomas Trezise

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Yale French Studies, Number 103
French and Francophone: The Challenge of Expanding Horizons

Edited by Farid Laroussi and Christopher L. Miller

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Yale French Studies, Number 100
France/USA: The Cultural Wars

Edited by Ralph Sarkonak

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Yale French Studies, Number 97
50 Years of Yale French Studies, A Commemorative Anthology Part 2: 1980-1998
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