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A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany

Aubrey Burl

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April 26, 1995
276 pages, 6 x 9
70 b/w illus.
ISBN: 9780300063318

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From Stonehenge to Callanish, from Newgrange to Er-Lannic, great prehistoric stone circles have drawn thousands of admiring visitors to their sites every year. This practical and knowledgeable guidebook is the first to deal comprehensively with the stone circles of Britain and Ireland and with the cromlechs and megalithic "horseshoes" of Brittany.

Written by Aubrey Burl, the acknowledged authority on these monuments, the book describes over 400 sites and discusses the archaeology and architectural features of each ring. Burl tells the reader how to find a specific site and what to look for, considers problems of dating the remains, points out interrelationships between widely separated sites, explains place-names, and provides stories about legends, witchcraft, and funerals associated with the rings. He also gives suggestions for practical work on site, telling how to deduce the source of the stones, estimate their weight, calculate the number of people involved in the construction of a ring, and investigate the possibility of alignments to the sun and moon.

Filled with fascinating information, useful maps, and seventy arresting photographs, this book is an invaluable resource for those interested in the mysteries of the ancient sanctuaries known as stone circles.

Aubrey Burl was until his retirement principal lecturer in archaeology at Hull College of Higher Education. He is the author of numerous publications, including The Stone Circles of the British Isles, Prehistoric Avebury, and From Carnac to Callanish, all published by Yale University Press.

A selection of the Natural Science Book Club/Newbridge

"Both the author and the publishers are to be congratulated on the excellent quality of the line illustrations and photographs. They complement a very readable text and make this book a joy to use. . . . This is a wonderful book and is a must for anyone remotely interested in things megalithic."—Paul Walsh, Archaeology Ireland

"A valuable field guide to stone circle megalithic monuments."—R.K. Dickson, Bloomsbury Review

"This book is not only an elegant and practical guide, it is also the best single-volume study of this extraordinary phenomenon, embracing 500 monuments from Shetland to Brittany. . . . Confident, erudite, pleasurable, this volume can be recommended as travel guide, archaeology, literature, and sheer good company."—Ian Sheperd, British Archaeology

"Buy this book. It will give you insights which you could not otherwise experience. It will be a constant friend in your attempts to understand the true depth and complexity of landscape history."—Patrick Ashmore, Landscape History

"This is indeed a welcome . . . addition to the market for the prehistoric antiquarian. . . . All the essential way-finding details are here—adequate maps, grid references, and directions by car and on foot. A few site plans, plenty of photographs and masses of information make this the kind of guide that will be so well used that one may need to buy a new copy every couple of years! A delight, and absolutely necessary for the e.m. field tripper."—Northern Carth

"This well-produced and detailed book is quite simply an essential reference tool for all outdoor journalists. The bringing together of so much vital information about stone circles is a guaranteed time-saver."—Outdoor Writers' Guild

"This is more than a guide book, it incorporates Burl's own graphic experience of the access routes, clear maps and map references, details of car parking and archaeological and historical background. . . . I found myself caught up in the author's enthusiasm and conversational style, which intersperses data with anecdote, folk lore and personal experience."—Jan Wood, Sacred Hoop

"This work should be in use for many years to come. Don't leave home without it."—Third Stone

Received rating of "Outstanding" from 2007 University Press Books Committee
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