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Yale French Studies, Number 97

50 Years of Yale French Studies, A Commemorative Anthology Part 2: 1980-1998

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August 11, 2000
338 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
ISBN: 9780300083248

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Yale French Studies, the Editorial Board of the journal is producing a two-volume commemorative anthology. The first volume contains articles from 1948 to 1979, and this second volume includes articles from the final decades of the twentieth century, a comprehensive volume-by-volume index, and an author index of YFS’s entire fifty years.


Alyson Waters: Preface to the Second Volume

I. 1980–1989

Susan Weiner Introduction: The 1980s;

Paul de Man “Conclusions” on Walter Benjamin’s “The Task of the Translator”;

Kristin Ross Rimbaud and the Transformation of Social Space;

Joan DeJean Classical Reeducation: Decanonizing the Feminine

II. 1990–1998

R. Howard Bloch Introduction: Fin de Siecle Nuclear Sublime;

Richard Klein The Future of Nuclear Criticism;

Shoshana Felman In an Era of Testimony: Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah;

Maryse Condé Order, Disorder, Freedom, and the West Indian Writer;

Christine Delphy The Invention of French Feminism: An Essential Move;

Laurent Jenny Genetic Criticism and Its Myths

III. Index to volumes 1–95

Daryl Lee, James Austin, and Alyson Waters Index of volumes 1 through 95 

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