In Giacometti’s Studio

Michael Peppiatt

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A keenly and personally observed record of how a place can be so identified with an artist and so evocative of his life’s work that it becomes his single greatest achievement

This deeply engaging book introduces the reader to the creative chaos of the tiny Parisian studio of the great sculptor Alberto Giacometti, from the moment he and his brother, Diego, arrived in 1927, with all their possessions in a wheelbarrow, until Alberto’s death in 1966. Michael Peppiatt relates how the artist first worked there as a member of the Surrealist movement and then how he gradually made his mark on Paris’s artistic, literary, and intellectual worlds. After an enforced wartime exile in Geneva in a miserable hotel, he returned to Paris and to the same broken-down little shed of a studio behind Montparnasse where he struggled to realize his pared-down vision of mankind and which became a magnet for many of the great artists and writers of the time (from Picasso and Braque to Balthus, from Breton and Genet to Beckett). Peppiatt prefaces his story with a poignant, personal narrative of how as a young man he arrived in Paris with an introduction from Francis Bacon to Giacometti; the encounter was forestalled by the artist’s very recent death, but Peppiatt instead got to know the key people in Giacometti’s world. He explains how the studio, now dismantled, seems to be both Giacometti’s most important artwork, encompassing countless complete or unfinished works, and the archive of years of struggle. With Giacometti’s death, it became his greatest achievement, containing as it did the traces of a lifetime’s search for truth. This vivid exploration of one of the most evocative and influential spaces in 20th-century art connects us with both a unique career and an entire, outstanding moment in French culture.

Michael Peppiatt is a leading authority on Giacometti and Francis Bacon. He is the author of, among many works, Alberto Giacometti in Postwar Paris and Francis Bacon in the 1950s.

“Insightful . . . [and] highly personal, . . . [Peppiatt’s] vivid account brings to life one of the most consequential spaces in 20th century art history.”—Stephen May, ARTnews

"The visual power of this well-designed publication is strongly embellished by the black and white photographs of Ernst Scheidegger, a masterly photograph of Giacometti by Henri Cartier-Bresson; numerous other archival sources contribute to an understated and excellent publication."—Michael Spens, Studio International

"An engrossing biographical memoir of the sculptor and his studio. The literature on Giacometti is already extensive and impressive, but Peppiatt’s book – written with a deep sympathy and affection for its subject – is a worthy addition…The book is superbly illustrated."—Tom Flynn, Art Quarterly

"Giacometti, his works and his studio, are documented in numerous beautiful photographs in this elegantly written book."—Martin Gayford, The Sunday Telegraph

"Peppiatt offers new insight into Giacometti, the man and his art."—Dalya Alberge, The Observer

"A breezy, readable overview of Giacometti's career…Peppiatt is a lively author who knows how to tell a good, pacy story, full of incident and fruitful speculation."—Alastair Sooke, Daily Telegraph

“The plentiful supply of superb photographs makes this book a visual joy: some are delivered as double-page spreads that immerse the reader in a vital mystery.”—Roger Cardinal, Burlington Magazine

“This book is packed with riveting material…..The most beguiling book on Giacometti I’ve read.”—Andrew Lambirth, Art Newspaper

"This elegantly produced homage with handsome black-and-white photos will enlighten, inform, and earn an approving nod from the Giacometti faithful, as well as readers interested in mid-20th-century Parisian culture."—Russell T. Clement, Library Journal
ISBN: 9780300093933
Publication Date: December 14, 2010
224 pages, 9 1/2 x 12 1/2
120 color illus.
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