Symbolic Forms and Cultural Studies

Ernst Cassirer’s Theory of Culture

Edited by Cyrus Hamlin and John Michael Krois

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November 10, 2004
318 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
ISBN: 9780300103298

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Cassirer thought of culture anthropologically as the entire complex of human modes of meaning and existence: it encompassed science, technology, language, and social life in addition to art, religion, and philosophy. This conception of culture and Cassirer’s theory of symbolism anticipated much of later cultural theory. In this collection of essays, eminent Cassirer scholars examine the many different aspects of his thinking on this subject and demonstrate how pioneering and important it is to cultural studies.

Cyrus Hamlin is professor of comparative literature and German and the director of graduate studies in the department of comparative literature at Yale University. John Michael Krois teaches philosophy at the Humboldt-Unïversität zu Berlin.

"This is the most comprehensive collection of serious scholarly studies on Cassirer’s thought since the Library of Living Philosophers released its collection over fifty years ago. This collection rivals that one in scope and depth, and has the added benefit of historical distance."—Randall E. Auxier, Southern Illinois University; Editor, Library of Living Philosophers