A Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife

Marine Mammals, Seabirds, Fish, and Other Sea Life

Noble S. Proctor and Patrick J. Lynch; Illustrated by Patrick J. Lynch

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June 11, 2005
256 pages, 4-3/8 x 7-3/16
299 maps + color illus.
ISBN: 9780300106589

A spectacular field guide to the many fascinating creatures of the ocean world algon the norhteaster coast of the United States and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

This beautifully illustrated guide covers an unprecedented range of species that may be sighted along the coastline or offshore by the whale watcher, bird watcher, fisher, boating enthusiast, or natural history buff. Designed in a handy pocket size, the book provides concise information for identifying the invertebrates, mammals, birds, turtles, fish, sharks and rays, and even floating seaweeds and common algae that live along the Atlantic coast and offshore from North Carolina to the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

With range maps and text on pages directly opposite the full-color illustrations, the book makes identification of more than two hundred species of offshore wildlife quick and easy. Special features include full-page spreads to compare similar species of seabirds, and inserts to help identify whales by their blowhole patterns, diving, and other behaviors.

Those with an interest in ocean life know that surprises often appear dangling at the end of a fishing line, floating beside the boat, washed up on the shore, or flying overhead. This is the ultimate guide for those who are curious about such creatures and the marine environment in which they dwell.

Noble S. Proctor is professor emeritus of biology, Southern Connecticut State University, and an internationally known leader of natural history and ecology expeditions. He has studied marine life on all the oceans of the world. Patrick J. Lynch is director of media services, Information Technology Services-Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine. He has received many awards for his medical illustrations and multimedia projects in medicine and the biological sciences. The authors’ previous book, Manual of Ornithology, is available from Yale University Press.

"Every sailor, recreational boater, ferry passenger, and all our ships at sea should have this book."—Alan H. Brush, University of Connecticut, Emeritus

"The Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife, with its broad approach, clear illustrations and crisp descriptions, serves as a powerful reminder of what is at stake in our offshore environment."—Gerard N. Burrow, M.D., Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration

"Proctor and Lynch have produced a pelagic masterpiece, describing North Atlantic wildlife from algae to whales. The field guide is beautifully illustrated and marvelously clear."—Gerard N. Burrow, M.D., Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration

"The depth and detail found in this guide is equaled only by the richness of the environment that is its focus. Don’t leave shore without it."—Pete Dunne, Vice President for Natural History Information, New Jersey Audubon Society

"A Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife a great summary book—it is attractive, easily accessed, and should quickly open the public's eyes to the wonders of our amazing world."—Tom Bergh, Maine Island Kayak Company

"This guide provides a handy, beautifully illustrated, single reference to the many marine organisms most likely to be encountered in North Atlantic waters, and it should be particularly useful for anyone making offshore whale watching excursions."—Wayne R. Petersen, Swarovski Birding Community

"Wherever one goes along the New England coast this summer, Yale’s new Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife will be an indispensable companion."—Michael Kenney, Boston Sunday Globe

"A Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife will appeal to those beachcombers and boaters who will be mobbing the coastal waters this summer, have an interest in wildlife, but don’t want to carry a backpack full of field guides to this, that and the other creature with them."—Steve Grant, Hartford Courant

"There is nothing out there, in a handsome package that fits in a back pocket, that provides a more comprehensive look at the species you're likely to see on a trip offshore. . . . An incredible amount of information. . . . The book is a joy to peruse."—Bruce Fellman, Timeout

"This is a very useful identification guide to the animals likely to be encountered in offshore waters of the western Atlantic from Newfoundland to North Carolina. . . . The coverage of whales and porpoises is especially noteworthy; anyone going on a whale-watching trip in the region will want to have this book along. . . . The small size and sturdy binding make this truly a field guide; it is easy to carry and easy to use. All public, academic, and high school libraries in the region covered will need this book."—ARBA online

"This guide is intended for people who boat, fish, whale-watch or bird-watch for recreation along the eastern seaboard of the United States. . . . By helping educate the public about marine life, Proctor and Lynch are promoting stewardship of our natural resources. The guide is well laid out for quick reference. . . . For the person on a seaside vacation, this may be an ideal pocketbook."—Joe Wroblewski, The Northern Mariner

"Extremely useful field guide to the Northwest Atlantic. . . . Highly recommended as an introductory or field resource."—Northeastern Naturalist

"This truly pocket-sized and very well-illustrated guide gives readers living in the waterways, along with whale watchers and chartered fishing boat customers, a fighting chance at identifying everything from algae to whales. . . . They give clear descriptions of physical characteristics and habitats and even provide a handy species checklist to record your loons, grebes, rorquals, terns and albatrosses."—SciTech Book News
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