Learning Irish

Text with 4 Audio CDs

Micheal O'Siadhail

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Learning Irish is the standard introductory course to the Irish language. The product of many years of original and scholarly research as well as much teaching experience, this book and the four accompanying audio CDs serve a double function: they provide a sound approach to the ordinary language learner and at the same time furnish the professional linguist with an authentic description of the spoken language.
The book does not presuppose prior knowledge of Irish and gives thorough coverage of the grammatical patterns of the language. Texts and exercises are presented in an authentic, interesting, conversational style and in carefully graded stages. The learner is assisted in mastering the pronunciation by the use of phonetic spelling and by the related audio recordings.

"At last there is a teach-yourself Irish text that really works. . . . Learning  Irish provides a logical introduction to beginners with no previous knowledge of  Irish as well as a sound review for those who have studied Irish."—Janet  Egleson Dunleavy, American Committee for Irish Studies Newsletter

"A better language course than anything else available."—Evening Herald

"One of the best and most comprehensive 'teach-yourself Irish' books."—Patrick Campbell, Irish Echo

"One of the most comprehensive and best laid-out courses to date."—Sean O Murchu, Irish Voice

"Rarely have I seen a text of such fine scholarly worth as the text by Micheal O Siadhail entitled Learning Irish. . . . Even though Irish is not an easy language to learn, it is more easily and readily learned with the assistance of Micheal O Siadhail's Learning Irish."—Robert David Thompson, National Chairman of the National Celtic Awareness Movement of America

"As an introductory language course, Learning Irish is one the better works I have come across. Accessible to the enthusiastic learner, it may also be useful to linguists seeking a detailed understanding of the written and spoken language."—C. M. Sughrue, Lore and Language

ISBN: 9780300121773
Publication Date: November 25, 2006
320 pages, x
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