Evolution in Science and Religion

Robert Andrews Millikan

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March 1, 1927
101 pages, 5 x 8
ISBN: 9780300135688

This volume is based upon the seventeenth series of lectures delivered at Yale University on the Foundation established by the late Dwight H. Terry of Plymouth, Connecticut, through his gift of an endowment fund for the delivery and subsequent publication of "Lectures on Religion in the Light of Science and Philosophy." The deed of gift declares that "the object of this Foundation is not the promotion of scientific investigation and discovery, but rather the assimilation and interpretation of that which has been or shall be hereafter discovered, and its application to human welfare, especially by the building of the truths of science and philosophy into the structure of a broadened and purified religion.

Dr. Millikan believes “modern science of the real sort is slowly learning to walk humbly with its God.” 

"Written with notable clarity and simplicity. ...A very interesting, hopeful, and constructive exposition of the present-day status and possible future of religion from the point of view of a scientist." The New York Times
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