The Triumph of Robert the Bruce

David Cornell

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Few battles resonate through British history as strongly as Bannockburn. On June 24, 1314, the Scots under the leadership of Robert the Bruce unexpectedly trounced the English, leaving thousands dead or wounded. The victory was one of Scotland’s greatest, the more so because the Scottish army was outnumbered by about three to one. The loss to the English, fighting under Edward II, was staggering.


In this groundbreaking account of Bannockburn, David Cornell sets the iconic battle in political and military context and focuses new attention on the roles of Robert and Edward in the events leading to the buildup of their armies. The author brings the two-day battle to life and reassesses both the crucial mêlée fought on the second day and the casualties suffered by the English. Filled with colorful detail and fresh insights, the book throws new light on the battle itself, the character of the English defeat, the effect of that defeat on the course of the Anglo-Scottish wars, and the powerful impact of the battle’s legacy on English and Scottish national identity.


David Cornell spent several years researching the Anglo-Scottish wars while completing his Ph.D. at Durham University. This is his first book. He lives in Leicester, UK.

"This is an intriguing book, presenting a full and convincing account of Bannockburn, which skillfully situates the battle in a valuably broad historical context. Dramatic, solid and thoroughly readable." - Michael Prestwich, University of Durham

“…excellent analysis of Edward II’s political ineptitude and Robert the Bruce’s strategic skills… Bannockburn is a terrific story.” - Magnus Linklater, The Times

“The bones of the story of Bruce’s remarkable victory might be well known, but this latest work adds considerable flesh (and plenty of blood) both to the two-day encounter and to the wider political context that led to England’s most famous loss.” - Scottish Field

“Cornell’s narrative races along…” - Fordyce Maxwell, Scotland on Sunday

"Whatever one's interest in Bannockburn--Scottish history, military history, or general interest--there is a lot to be learnt from this book."--Colm McNamee, Journal of Military History

"Bannockburn will reward readers who like popular history with scholarly substance and academics seeking a well-rounded account of the battle."—John Cramsie, The Historian
ISBN: 9780300145687
Publication Date: April 28, 2009
296 pages, 6 x 9
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