Nineteenth-Century Irish Sculpture

Native Genius Reaffirmed

Paula Murphy

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June 22, 2010
320 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
250 b/w + 60 col illus.
ISBN: 9780300159097

Published for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art

Paula Murphy, the leading expert on Irish sculpture, offers an extensive survey of the history of sculpture in Ireland in the nineteenth century, with particular emphasis on the large public works produced during the Victorian period. The works of such major figures as Patrick MacDowell, John Henry Foley, Thomas Kirk, and Thomas Farrell are discussed —as well as works by a host of lesser-known sculptors, including John Edward Carew, Christopher Moore, James Cahill, and Joseph Robinson Kirk. Lavishly illustrated, the book covers the work of many Irish sculptors who practiced abroad, particularly in London, and the work of English sculptors, including John Flaxman, Francis Chantrey, E. H. Baily, and Richard Westmacott, who were located in Ireland. Murphy makes extensive use of contemporary documentation, much of it from newspapers, to present the sculptors and their work in the religious and political context of their time.

Paula Murphy is a Senior Lecturer in Art History at University College Dublin. She is the leading expert on Irish sculpture.

'Murphy's book is beautifully produced and sensibly organised…this is going to be a standard text on the subject for many years.' — Fintan Cullen, Irish Times

'Paula Murphy's handsome volume gives a comprehensive account of Ireland's many monuments, statues and busts.' — John Sankey, Victorian Web

"A well-documented, well-written, and thorough survey that is not likely to be bested anytime soon."--Martin Chasin, Library Journal

'Murphy's narrative is fluent and accessible.' — Sorcha Coleman, Irish Examiner

"Well-researched and engagingly written book."—Philip Ward-Jackson, Burlington Magazine

“The book is beautifully illustrated, cleverly deploying early photographs of Dublin to demonstrate the original effect that monuments had……Murphy has the rare ability to write well about sculpture – with feeling and descriptive verve, but also with an acute awareness of historical context and commendable critical distance.”—William Laffan, The Victorian

“……an extensive and erudite account…..This is a really fine book, and published to the impeccable standards we expect from Yale University Press – clearly laid out and amply illustrated with well integrated photographs and archival material.”—Paul Harron, Perspective
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Art and Architecture of Ireland

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