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Art of the Ancient Near East

Art of the Ancient Near East

Kim Benzel, Sarah Graff, Yelena Rakic, and Edith W. Watts

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November 23, 2010
140 pages, 9 x 12
5 b/w + 75 color illus.
ISBN: 9780300167085
Mixed media product

Published in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Many features of civilization originated in the lands we call the ancient Near East, a vast and varied area from Turkey to the Indus Valley of present-day Pakistan and from the Caucasus to the Arabian Peninsula. This essential guide for K–12 educators introduces the variety and diversity of art produced by the rich and complex cultures that flourished in this region during an equally vast time period, from the eighth millennium B.C. to the middle of the seventh century A.D. The fully illustrated publication provides the cultural, archaeological, and historical contexts for a selection of thirty works of art in the form of sculpture, silver and gold ritual vessels and objects, monumental reliefs, cuneiform tablets, and stamp and cylinder seals. Curriculum connections, discussion questions, lesson plans, and activities for a range of grade levels provide useful strategies for teaching in the classroom. Also included are maps, a chronology, bibliographies, web resources, and a glossary.

These educational materials are made possible by Rolin Foundation USA.

Kim Benzel is Associate Curator and Sarah Graff and Yelena Rakic are Assistant Curators in the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art, and Edith W. Watts is Museum Educator in the Department of Education at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"This is a beautifully packaged resource for teachers . . . a rich, well organized, multimedia resource that would inform and enrich the study of civilizations we call 'the Ancient Near East.'"—Arts and Activities
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