Wonder of the Age

Master Painters of India, 1100-1900

John Guy and Jorrit Britschgi

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This vividly illustrated publication features 110 works by many of the most eminent painters in the history of Indian art. These remarkable paintings, dating from 1100 to 1900, were selected according to identifiable artists, and they refute the long-held view of anonymous authorship in Indian art.

Traditionally, Indian paintings have been classified by regional styles or dynastic periods, with an emphasis on subject matter. Stressing the combined tools of connoisseurship and inscriptional evidence, the pioneering research reflected in this book has identified individual artists and their oeuvres through the analysis of style.

The introductory essay outlines the origins of early Indian painting of the first millennium, which set the scene for the development of the art of the book. The sections that follow examine manuscript painting as it evolved from palm-leaf to paper, the emergence of traditional painting as an independent art form, and its demise with the coming of photography. Biographies of the artists whose works appear in this volume and a glossary of their major literary sources provide valuable context.

John Guy is Florence and Herbert Irving Curator of the Arts of South and Southeast Asian Art, Department of Asian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Jorrit Britschgi is Curator of Indian Painting, Museum Rietberg Zürich.


Museum Rietberg Zürich, Switzerland

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“A work of consummate scholarship.” —Library Journal

“This volume splendidly explores 800 years of Indian painting.”—Publishers Weekly
ISBN: 9780300175820
Publication Date: October 28, 2011
Publishing Partner: Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Distributed by Yale University Press
224 pages, 9 1/4 x 10 1/2
155 color + 10 b/w illus
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