Preaching in the New Millennium

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Celebrating the Tercentennial of Yale University

Edited by Frederick J. Streets

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In this collection of sermons, fifteen distinguished religious leaders reflect upon the moral, social, and political nature of our time. The sermons originated during the Tercentennial celebrations at Yale University, and they provide a vivid snapshot of the rich religious history of Yale and its contribution to the character of our nation.

Some of America’s most prominent religious figures are here, among them William Willimon, William Sloane Coffin, Peter Gomes, Gardner Taylor, and Barbara Brown Taylor. Their sermons offer valuable religious and intellectual insights into our national consciousness both before and after the tragedies of September 11, 2001. In a lively introduction to the volume, Rev. Frederick J. Streets sets the collection in context and contemplates the past and present nature of religious life at Yale.

Frederick J. Streets is Yale University chaplain and senior pastor of the Church of Christ in Yale.

“We do not know what the ripple effects of what we say and what we do will be. We all have the capacity to be a positive influence in the world and to make it a better place. This collection of thoughts and reflections is a valuable repository of teaching to inspire and encourage the reader to be part of that change; to make it happen, to initiate, to dare, to strive and to believe that with God all things are possible.”—Desmond M Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus

“Practitioners of the art of the sermon founded Yale in 1701 and three hundred years later a new company of preachers joined Rev. Jerry Streets in Battell Chapel for a series of homilies celebrating Yale’s religious heritage and pointing the way for its future. The array of distinguished homileticians in this collection bring a rich store of wit and wisdom to their task. Their words reflect on the complexity of religious life today at Yale, embracing a diversity that would have astounded the university’s founders. They also rose to the challenge of addressing the Yale Community at worship in Battell in the wake of the horrors of September 11, 2001. As great homilies have always done, these well crafted pieces effectively offer hope in times of despair, joy in times of sadness, a prophetic call to justice, and an inspiring reminder of God’s unbounded love.”—Harold W. Attridge, Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament and Dean of Yale Divinity School

"What a fitting gift for Yale’s 300th anniversary celebration. This wonderful collection reminds us all, as William Sloane Coffin Jr. says, who and Whose we are—and how each of us is responsible for using the gifts God has given us to carry out God’s work in our world."—Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children’s Defense Fund

“This sparkling collection of sermons reminds us that God is not yet dead at Yale (or on many other university campuses)! The preachers in this volume represent not only the best that the Yale tradition has to offer, but the best of the contemporary pulpit. They pose just the challenge that every thinking, believing person needs to hear.”—Richard Lischer, Duke Divinity School

ISBN: 9780300182972
Publication Date: March 8, 2005
160 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4