Survey of London: Woolwich

Volume 48

Andrew Saint, General Editor, and Peter Guillery, Volume Editor

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March 1, 2013
460 pages, 8 3/4 x 11 1/4
150 color + 250 b/w illus.
ISBN: 9780300187229

Published in association with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art

Woolwich is a distinctive London district, a riverside settlement with pre-Roman origins which grew into a military-industrial center of national importance. Massive investment fueled a series of military establishments, a naval dockyard, and the Royal Arsenal, bringing prosperity to the town and dominating its economy. At the same time, Woolwich developed a dynamic civic identity, reflected in its impressive municipal buildings and ambitious public-housing program. This historic richness is not well-known. The new Survey of London volume brings together everything of significance in Woolwich's built history, and will prove invaluable to historians, planners, residents, and the wider public.

Andrew Saint is the general editor of The Survey of London and the author of Richard Norman Shaw (Yale). Peter Guillery is a senior investigator for English Heritage and the author of The Small House in Eighteenth-Century London: A Social and Architectural History (Yale).

“In all, the Survey’s Woolwich volume is a magnificent account of a parish that has played an unusually heroic role in the defence of the kingdom and built monumentally as befitted its importance.”—Anthony Quiney, Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain

“Woolwich has been neglected . . . by architectural historians. This beautifully illustrated and well-researched book, edited by Peter Guillery, sets out to put this right.”—Vaughan Hart, Burlington Magazine

The Small House in Eighteenth-Century London

Peter Guillery; Drawings by Andrew Donald; New Photographs

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Architect and Engineer
A Study in Sibling Rivalry

Andrew Saint

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