Orders Heteromi (Notacanthiformes), Berycomorphi (Beryciformes), Xenoberyces (Stephanoberyciformes), Anacanthini (Gadiformes)

Part 6

Daniel M. Cohen, Alfred W. Ebeling, Tomio Iwamoto, Samuel B. McDowell, N. B. Marshall, Donn E. Rosen, Pearl Sonoda, Walter H. Weed III, and Loren P. Woods

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January 2, 2019
698 pages, 8 x 10.88
235 plates + maps
ISBN: 9781933789163

Distributed for the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Part Six in the Fishes of the Western North Atlantic series describes the halosuriforms, killfishes, squirrelfishes and other beryciforms, stephanoberyciforms, and grenadiers.

Specialist authorships of its sections include detailed species descriptions with keys, life history and general habits, abundance, range, and relation to human activity, such as economic and sporting importance. The text is written for an audience of amateur and professional ichthyologists, sportsmen, and fishermen, based on new revisions, original research, and critical reviews of existing information. Species are illustrated by exceptional black and white line drawings, accompanied by distribution maps and tables of meristic data.
Soft-rayed Bony Fishes: Orders Isospondyli and Giganturoidei
Part 4

Henry B. Bigelow, Daniel M. Cohen, Myvanwy M.

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Orders Iniomi and Lyomeri
Part 5

William W. Anderson, Frederick H. Berry, James E.

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Fishes of the Western North Atlantic
Order Iniomi (Myctophiformes)
Part 7, Neoscopelidae and Myctophidae and Atlantic Mesopelagic Zoogeography

Basil G. Nafpaktitus, Richard H. Backus, James E.

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Order Gasterosteiformes, Suborder Syngnathoidei
Part 8, Syngnathidae (Doryrhamphinae, Syngnathinae, Hippocampinae)

C. E. Dawson, Richard P. Vari

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Lancelets, Cyclostomes, Sharks
Part 1

Henry B. Bigelow, Isabel Perez Farfante, and William C.

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Sawfishes, Guitarfishes, Skates and Rays, Chimaeroids
Part 2

Henry B. Bigelow and William C. Schroeder

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Soft-rayed Bony Fishes: Orders Acipenseroidei, Lepisostei, and Isospondyli
Part 3

Henry B. Bigelow, Margaret G. Bradbury, John R.

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