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Reverend Bayes and the Internet

Reverend Bayes and the Internet

What does an 18th-century English minister have in common with such modern innovations as e-mail spam filters, Google searches, and even Clippy, the iconic (and sometimes reviled) paperclip-shaped Microsoft Office… READ MORE

January Theme: Technology

January Theme: Technology

As 2014 begins, we turn our minds to the future. Technology, our January theme, is developing at a rapid pace, and we are excited to see what the year has… READ MORE

A New Home for the Yale Press Log

Welcome to the new home of the Yale Press Log on! In July, the theme is Global and International Studies, and after the first half of 2011, there is plenty to recount. New books on Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, and southern Africa, by Tim Bird & Alex Marshall, Victoria Clark, Tarek Osman, and Stephen Chan are at the center of our political discussions, and Leila Ahmed’s new history, A Quiet Revolution: The Veil’s Resurgence, from the Middle East to America surrounds current controversies on Islamic women’s dress.

Yale Press Podcast, Episode 16

Episode 16 of the Yale Press Podcast is now available. Download Episode 16. In Episode 16, Chris Gondek speaks with (1) Jonathan Zittrain about The Future of the Internet–And How… READ MORE

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