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Antonio Sergio Bessa and Jessamyn Fiore

Winslow Homer and England

Elizabeth Athens, Brandon Ruud, and Martha Tedeschi

Humanist Architecture for a Modernist World

Dale Allen Gyure

The Art and Craft of Photography, 1895-1925

Anne McCauley; With contributions by Peter C. Bunnell,...

A Painter's Pilgrimage

Kenneth John Myers, Kevin J. Avery, Gerald L. Carr, and...

Misadventures of a 21st-Century Naturalist

Ruth Erickson

Redo an Eye

Roberta Bernstein

The Human Clay

Lee Friedlander

Literature and Art in the Midwest Metropolis

Liesl Olson

Volume Four: 1994–2004

Edited by Patrick Pardo and Robert Dean; With an essay by...

Frank Lloyd Wright's Iconoclastic Masterpiece

Francesco Dal Co

The Run-On of Time

Lisa Hostetler and April M. Watson

Art, Happenings, and Cultural Politics

Robert E. Haywood

Edited by Courtney J. Martin and Stephen Hoban; With...

Elizabeth Gordon, House Beautiful, and the Postwar American Home

Monica Penick

Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach

Edited by Andrew J. Eschelbacher; With essays by Andrew J...

Painting Poetry

Stephen Brown and Georgiana Uhlyarik