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Hindus and Muslims in India

Ashutosh Varshney

Robert O. Collins

The Role of the British Royal Botanic Gardens

Lucile H. Brockway

Population, Climate Change, and Creating a Sustainable World

John Firor and Judith E. Jacobsen

Marbury v. Madison and the Construction of America

Paul W. Kahn

European Overseas Empires, 1415–1980

David B. Abernethy

A Theory of Ideology

J.M. Balkin

The History of the European Family: Volume 2

Edited by David I. Kertzer and Marzio Barbagli

New York's Two Great Waves of Immigration

Nancy Foner

Monarchy and Religion in Europe 1589-1715

Paul Kléber Monod

The Ancient Roots of Apocalyptic Faith; Second Edition

Norman Cohn

Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty

David G. Myers

An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Edited by William Weber, Lee J. T. White, Amy Vedder, and...

Mental Health Work Among the Ultra-Orthodox in Jerusalem

David Greenberg and

Volume 1: Anthropology and Society

Edmund Leach; Edited by Stephen Hugh-Jones and James...

Volume 2: Culture and Human Nature

Edmund Leach; Edited by Stephen Hugh-Jones and James...

Personal Meaning in Psychoanalysis, Gender, and Culture

Nancy J. Chodorow

Manhood at the Philippine Military Academy

Alfred W. McCoy