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America`s Teenagers, Motivated but Directionless

Barbara Schneider and David Stevenson

Politics, Evolution and Cooperation

Peter Singer

Disease, Power and Imperialism

Sheldon Watts

A Darwinian View of Parental Love

Martin Daly and Margo Wilson

Philip J. Deloria

The Emotional Education of a Three-Year-Old

Jean L. Briggs

Chauvinism, Class, and Racism in the United States

Mark Nathan Cohen

Edited by Marcus Banks and Howard Morphy

Fables, Fictions, Facts

Aubrey Burl

American Attitudes Toward Death, 1799-1883

Gary Laderman

Religion and Popular Culture in America

Colleen McDannell

The Italian Communist Party and the Fall of Communism

David I. Kertzer

Marion Schwartz; With selected drawings by Susan Hochgraf...

Jewish Acculturation in Medieval Europe

Ivan G. Marcus

Power, Coordination, and Performance

Bradley M. Richardson

Swordsmanship and Archery

G. Cameron Hurst

Second Edition

John Stands In Timber and Margot Liberty; With the...

Stephen Doheny-Farina