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A Global Survey

Jonathan Bell and Ellie Stathaki

Design in Midcentury America

Edited by Monica Obniski and Darrin Alfred; With essays by...

Modernist Art and Architecture in Cold War Mexico

Jennifer Josten

Designing Modern America

Edited by Robert Bruegmann; With essays by Robert...

Michael Hill, John Newman, and Nikolaus Pevsner

Architecture, Modernity, and the Representation of Space

Martino Stierli

Urbanism Since 1850

Eric Mumford

An Architectural Guide

Simon Bradley

Sheffield and the South

Ruth Harman and Nikolaus Pevsner

Edited by Timothy M. Rohan; With contributions by Kazi K....

Humanist Architecture for a Modernist World

Dale Allen Gyure


Antonio Sergio Bessa and Jessamyn Fiore

An Architectural Anthology

Edited by Maarten Van Den Driessche; With contributions by...

Exhibitions that Made Architecture and Design History

Edited by Zoë Ryan

Art, Empire, and Infrastructure

Peter H. Christensen

Volumes 51 and 52

Edited by Philip Temple and Colin Thom; General Editor...

The Charms of the Simple Life

Roger White

North and West

Alan Brooks, Jennifer Sherwood, and Nikolaus Pevsner

Frank Lloyd Wright's Iconoclastic Masterpiece

Francesco Dal Co