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Elizabeth Williamson, Anne Riches, and Malcom Higgs

Nikolaus Pevsner, John Harris and Nicholas Antram

John Gifford

An Urban Appraisal

William L. MacDonald

Architectural Currents of the Early Middle Ages

Charles McClendon

The Mexican, Maya and Andean Peoples

George Kubler

Bridget Cherry and Nikolaus Pevsner

An Introductory Study
Revised Edition

William L. MacDonald

Volume 1 2-1, The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe

Benjamin Henry Latrobe; Edited and with an introductory...

Nikolaus Pevsner and Elizabeth Williamson

The Counties of Londonderry, Donegal, Fermanagh and Tyrone

Alistair Rowan

Colin McWilliam and Christopher Wilson

Kent C. Bloomer and Charles W. Moore; With a contribution...

A Guide to Architecture and Urban Design: 15 Illustrated Tours

Elizabeth Mills Brown

Nikolaus Pevsner and Bridget Cherry

Jennifer Sherwood and Nikolaus Pevsner

Architectural Theory and Design from Downing to the Origins of Wright; Revised Edition

Vincent J. Scully, Jr.

Ian Nairn, Nikolaus Pevsner and Bridget Cherry