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Historical Roots of a Modern Debate

Leila Ahmed; With a Foreword by Kecia Ali

Queen Victoria and India

Miles Taylor

The Ecological Challenge of Human Consciousness

Michael R. Dove

Enduring Dispossession in Indonesia

Christian Lund

Rising Dragon
New Edition, Revised and Updated

Bill Hayton

From Pol Pot to Hun Sen and Beyond

Sebastian Strangio

China and the Project of the Century

Jonathan E. Hillman

Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century

Sebastian Strangio

A History of Capitalism in China and India

Andrew B. Liu

How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed

James C. Scott

Things, Thought, and Action in Chinese Medicine

Judith Farquhar

George B. Schaller

An Empire of Fear and the Making of a Massacre

Kim A. Wagner

Dealing and Dreaming in Times of Transition

Lars Hojer and Morten Axel Pedersen

A History of Chinese Doctors in the American Medical Marketplace

Tamara Venit Shelton

A Life in Art

Susan Napier

Three Scots in the Making of Britain’s Global Empire

Jessica Hanser

Cheng Yi; Edited and Translated by L. Michael Harrington;...

Stories of the Poor in a Colonial City

Haydon Cherry