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Uday Prakash; Translated by Jason Grunebaum

Passages of Western Art and Literature

Ruth Bernard Yeazell

A Patient Art

Susumu Nakamura and Ivan Watters with Terry Ann R. Neff...

Violence and Liberation in Tibetan Buddhism

Jacob P. Dalton

The Geopolitics of an Epidemic Disease

William C. Summers

The End of Days

Maria Hsia Chang

His Short and Happy Life

Donald S. Lopez, Jr.

Tomb Treasures of Han China

Edited by James C. S. Lin

Edited by Dieter Kuhn; Foreword by James C. Y. Watt;...

Disaster into Triumph, 1942-45

Frank McLynn

Recent Archaeological Discoveries from Northern China

Annette Juliano; With an essay by An Jiayao

Why Chinese People Fear the Future

Gerard Lemos

A Documentary History

Edited by Zhou Xun

Government, Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China

Dan Breznitz and Michael Murphree

Energy and Twenty-First-Century Eurasian Geopolitics

Kent E. Calder

Can Xue, Translated by Karen Gernant and Chen Zeping

Jihadists in South Asia

Dilip Hiro

Otaku Culture in a Connected World

Edited by Mizuko Ito, Daisuke Okabe, and Izumi Tsuji

The Pacific in the Age of Empire

Nicholas Thomas