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Life and Work

Emmanuel Cooper

God in the Qur’an

Gabriel Said Reynolds

An Edition of the Original Manuscript in Four Volumes. Volume 4: 1780-1784

James Boswell; Edited by Thomas F. Bonnell

The Charismatic Leader

Derek Penslar

Fighting Words, Moving Pictures

Adina Hoffman

Ben Hecht; With an Introduction by David Denby

The Many Lives of Calamity Jane

Karen R. Jones

Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age

Leo Damrosch

The Self-Made King

Michael Hicks

A Philadelphia Quaker Family’s Journey through the American Revolution

Richard Godbeer

New York Genius

James Kaplan

The Making of a French Queen

John Hardman

1921 and the Making of Winston Churchill

David Stafford

The Noble Conspirator

Kathryn Tempest

A Life

Clarissa Campbell Orr

How Britain Saved the World’s Greatest Scientist

Andrew Robinson

A Black Suffragist’s Story from the Jim Crow South

Adele Logan Alexander

Mystic in a Time of Revolution

Yehudah Mirsky

His Lives and Death

Lillian Faderman