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Designer, Activist, Visual Historian

Rick Poynor

The Shape of Ideas

Timothy Rub with Amanda Sroka

Art and Culture in the 1960s

Lisa Tickner

In Search of Eastern Antiquity

Vaughan Hart

Volume 53

Edited by Andrew Saint

Art, Fashion, and the Classical Ideal in the 1790s

Amelia Rauser

Monarchy, Dress and the Scottish Male Elite

Maria Hayward

Life and Work

Emmanuel Cooper

Arts & Crafts Designer and Architect

Annette Carruthers, Mary Greensted, and Barley Roscoe

Travel, Print, and Empire, 1770–1820

Douglas Fordham

A Church in History

Edited by David Cannadine

Regency Fashion

Hilary Davidson

A Life

Clarissa Campbell Orr

Art and Travel in the Age of Abolition

Sarah Thomas

Edited by Erika Balsom, Lucy Reynolds, and Sarah Perks

England, China and the Rainbow Portrait

Matthew Dimmock