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Jo Applin

A Fragile Beauty

Dallas Museum of Art; With contributions by Kirsty Bell,...

A Survey in Light

Kim Conaty; With contributions from Robin Clark, Michael...

History Keeps Me Awake at Night

David Breslin and David Kiehl; With contributions by Julie...

Leesa K. Fanning; With contributions by Ladan Akbarnia,...

Edited by James Rondeau and Lekha Hileman Waitoller; With...

Scott Rothkopf; With contributions by Laura Owens

Space, Light, Time

Edited by Arnauld Pierre; With contributions by Sébastien...

The Human Figure in Plaster and on Paper

Jock Reynolds

The Roof Garden Commission

Shanay Jhaveri, Ed Halter, and Sheena Wagstaff

Terra Infirma

Michelle White; With contributions by Anna C. Chave,...

Robert Colescott, Kerry James Marshall, Mickalene Thomas

Edited by Catharina Manchanda; With essays by Jacqueline...

Pickett’s Charge

Stéphane Aquin and Evelyn Hankins

Smoke, Ashes, Fable

Edited by Margaret K. Koerner; With contributions by...

Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings, Volume One: 1972-1994

Edited by Eva Meyer-Hermann

24 Frames Per Second

Edited by Gavin Delahunty with Kelly Filreis; With essays...

Catalogue Raisonné of Monotypes

Susan Dackerman and Jennifer L. Roberts


Antonio Sergio Bessa and Jessamyn Fiore

Artists and Their Books

Edited by Jo Steffens and Matthias Neumann