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Authority and Image in Sixteenth-Century England

Kevin Sharpe

How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World

Gregory Woods

A Rational Skeptic in an Irrational World

Julian Baggini

And Other Essays

Francis Spufford

A Bingewatcher's Notebook

Clive James

Why Violent Times Need Ancient Greek Myths

Emily Katz Anhalt

(A Book for Just About Anyone)

Devorah Baum

Bande Dessinée: Thinking Outside the Boxes

Edited by Laurence Grove and Michael Syrotinski

How Eloquence Works

David Crystal

Historical Memory and Its Ironies

David Rieff

How Media Attract and Affect Youth

Patti M. Valkenburg and Jessica Taylor Piotrowski

Guilty Pleasures: Theater, Piety, and Immorality in Seventeenth-Century France

Edited by Joseph Harris and Julia Prest

François Jullien; Translated by Jody Gladding

The Complete Top Ten Columns, 1986-2014

Greil Marcus

France and the Great War Picaresque

Libby Murphy

Making Sense of Death

Andrew Stark

How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically

Peter Singer