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Harvey C. Mansfield

The Great War between Memory and History in the 20th Century

Jay Winter

Architecture and Vertigo

Christopher Green

Word and Music in Russian Culture

Boris Gasparov

People, Streets and Images in Nineteenth-Century London

Lynda Nead

William E. Odom and Robert Dujarric

A Literary History

An Empirical Study

Thomas Sowell

Espionage and Culture

Allan Hepburn

How an Old World Ballet Became a Christmas Tradition in the New World

Jennifer Fisher

How Schooling Obscures the Life of the Mind

Gerald Graff

Navigating the Internet with Awareness

Laura J. Gurak

Readers Writing in Books

H. J. Jackson

Fables for a Postmodern Democracy

Alvin Kernan

The Journalist in Modern Politics

Fred Inglis

After-Images of the Holocaust in Contemporary Art and Architecture

James E. Young

Consumer Choices and Community Consequences

Ann Satterthwaite